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Advantest TR5823H Universal Counter
Apple II+
Apple IIc
Apple IIe enhanced
Apple IIe platinum
Apple IIgs (ROM 0)
Apple IIgs (ROM 1)
Apple IIgs (ROM 3)

Commodore 64
Commodore 128
Computer Devices Teleterm 1132

Data General LDM-800 Printer
Data I/O 29B EPROM Programmer
DEC RK06K-DC Disk Pack
DEC RK067-DC Disk Pack
DEC RL02K-DC Disk Pack
DEC VAX 4000/300
Digicom AC312 Accoustic Coupler
Documation M1000L

Eagle IIE

Heathkit H19 terminal
Heathkit TC-2 Tube Checker
Honeywell 6000 MPC Control Panel
HP 2108A Minicomputer
HP 2109E Minicomputer
HP 2113E Minicomputer
HP 85A Microcomputer
HP 87XM Microcomputer
HP 1650B Logic Analyzer
HP 2645A Terminal
HP 2647A Intelligent Graphics Terminal
HP 9872B Graphics Plotter
HP 13356A Disk Pack
HP 97935 Disk Pack

IBM 029 Keypunch
IBM 129 Card Data Recorder
IMSAI 8080

Kaypro II
Kaypro 1
Kaypro 2
Kaypro 2X
Kaypro 4
Kaypro 4 Plus 88
Kaypro 10

Memorex RK05 Disk Pack

Nashua 4462 Disk Pack
Nashua 4473 Disk Pack
Novation J-Cat modem

Osborne 1
Osborne 1a
Osborne Executive
Osborne Vixen
Otrona Attaché 8:16

Practical Peripherals PM14400FXSA

Sun 3/60
Sun SPARCstation 2
Sun SPARCclassic
Sun SPARCstation 10
Sun SPARCstation 20
Sun SPARC Ultra 2
Sun SPARC Ultra 10

Tandy 6000 HD
Tandy Color Computer 1
Tandy Color Computer 1B
Tandy Color Computer 2
Tandy Color Computer 3
TRS-80 5Meg Disk System
TRS-80 Model I
TRS-80 Model II
TRS-80 Model III
TRS-80 Model 4
TRS-80 Model 4p
TRS-80 Model 16B
TRS-80 Modem I B
Tektronix 485 Oscilloscope
Televideo 950
Texas Instruments Silent 700, model 745
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
Timex Sinclair 1000

USR Courier HST Dual Standard

Wang 76MB Disk Pack

Xerox 820-II

Heath/Zenith Z90

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