Color Computer 2

Color Computer 2 from 1983

CPU: Motorola MC6809E @ .89MHz
ROM: 16KB Disk Extended Color BASIC 1.1
Floppy Drives: 2 half height, 40-track, SSDD drives (Shugart SA200)
Ports: RF video, composite video, line level audio, cassette, 2 joysticks, cartridge slot
Catalog No.: 26-3136
Serial No.: 2006145
Catalog Price.: $159.95 plus $69.95 for 64KB RAM upgrade
Notes: This unit apparently started out with 16KB RAM, and was then upgraded to 64KB RAM. It also has a composite video and audio conversion installed, with two RCA jacks to connect to a monitor. A third party disk interface controller plugs into the cartridge slot, which connects to two 1/2 sized floppy disk drives. A TRS-80 Deluxe joystick and TRS-80 touch pad came with the system.

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Last updated on Tuesday, July 22, 2014