HP87XM front
HP87XM keyboard
HP87XM side
HP87XM rear
HP87XM ROM drawer
HP87XM demo listing
HP87XM graphics demo
82901M front
82901M rear
87XM and 82901M
CAT listing
Graphics demo
CRT features
Labels and Logos
Bar chart demo
HP 87XM from 1983

CPU: Custom HP 8-bit @ 0.625MHz
RAM: 128KB
ROM: 48KB BASIC, Printer ROM, Mass Storage ROM 
Display: 10" CRT (white), 24 rows x 80 chars text, 544x240 dots graphics 
Ports: 4 cartridge slots, HP-IB
Serial No.: 2346A23601
Catalog Price: $2,995

This unit came with a ROM drawer with the following ROMS:

00087-15002 REV. BPLOTTER ROM
00087-15003 REV. AI/O ROM

The missing area in the graphics demo picture is an artifact of the camera shutter.

I later acquired a 82901M dual-floppy unit. The fan was caked with dirt, and neither of the drives would turn (although they did step). Internal voltages looked good. I pulled the drives and found that both spindles were hard to turn, so I dropped some sewing machine oil into the bearings. Everything started working, and I ran several programs from the DEMO DISC (see pictures).

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