Sun Sparcstation IPC

Sun Sparcstation IPC (4/40) computer from 1990

RAM: 36Mb
Hard Drives: 500MB SCSI
Floppy Drives: 3-1/2" HD
Video: Onboard bwtwo, optional cgthree (SBUS) installed
Display: 19" RGB
Ports: 2 serial, keyboard, AUI, SCSI, monochrome video, audio
OS: NetBSD 2.0
ROM: version 1.6
Notes: I had to replace the NVRAM chip because the internal Lithium battery died, just like it has on all IPCs of this age. Mouser sells them for $16, and there's excellent documentation on how to bring a dead Sun back to life in this FAQ. I loaded up NetBSD 2.0 on this system - it's nice to see BSD again!

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Last updated on Tuesday, July 22, 2014