Osborne 1 (blue and white case)


Osborne 1 luggable computer from 1982, second version

CPU: Z80A @ 4MHz
Floppy Drives: 2 full height SSDD
Display: 5" white CRT
Ports: 1 serial, 1 modem, 1 Centronics parallel and 1 video
Modem: 300bps
OS: CP/M 2.2
ROM: 1.5/12
Original Price: $1795 for the basic system
Notes: This system has the Double Density option installed, as well as the Nuevo 80-column upgrade. The 300 baud modem mounts under the left hand drive, and plugs into the modem connector. The Osborne diskettes are "CP/M 2.2 SYSTEM & UTILITY", "CBASIC/MBASIC", "SUPERCALC V1.12" and "WORDSTAR/MAILMERGE VERSION 2.26".

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