Kaypro 4/84

Kaypro 4/84 luggable computer from 1984

CPU: Z80A @ 4MHz
Floppy Drives: 2 half height DSDD
Internal Clock: MM58167
Display: 9" green CRT
Ports: 2 serial (modem and printer), 1 Centronics parallel
Modem: 300 baud internal
OS: CP/M 2.2F
ROM: 81-292
Motherboard: 81-184
Part Number: 81-015
Serial Number: 103788
Original Price: $3500
Notes: This system was very dusty, inside and out, when I got it. It had also been dropped at some point, as the case was bent in a couple of places in front. The cooling fan was disconnected, and two of the spider braces for the fan were broken. I repaired the fan and reconnected it, and it works. The system also came with 4 keyboard templates, for Perfect Writer, Perfect Calc, Perfect Filer and dBase II.

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Last updated on Tuesday, July 22, 2014