IBM 129 Card Data Recorder

Back View
Card Cage
Back Open
Top Open
Keyboard Front
Front Left
Open Top
Front Right
Card Bed
SLT Card
IBM 129 Card Data Recorder, circa 1971

Model: 129, Model 3
Features: The 129 doesn't use a program drum like the 026 and 029 machines, but instead has internal memory to store up to 6 programs read in from cards. It also works as a verifier.
Notes: This keypunch arrived in fairly decent cosmetic condition, and included all the covers. It didn't require too much work to get it operational. I replaced the main V-belt, which was severely cracked, installed a new ribbon, oiled and greased many points suggested by the tech manual, and cleaned the rubber rollers with Rubber Rejuvenator. I also had to align the upper card guide, and the resultant punched card lines up perfectly with the Card Registration Gauge. It feeds, punches, prints, and seems to be 100% operational. I've scanned the 129 Machine Description manual.

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