TRS-80 Model 4

TRS-80 Model 4 from 1983

CPU: Z80A @ 4MHz
RAM: 128KB
Floppy Drives: 2 half height DSDD
Display: 12" amber CRT
Ports: serial, Centronics parallel, cassette, system bus, external floppy
OS: Level II BASIC in ROM, Montezuma Micro CP/M 2.2
Catalog Price: $1400
Notes: I purchased this system in 1984 from a 3rd party vendor, and it contains non-Tandy diskette drives. I also hated the flickering white screen, so I replaced the tube with a long persistence amber screen from Langley St. Clair. A problem arose during power off, when the shrinking spot on the display eventually burned the phospor at the center of the display. I ended up adding a second power switch to kill power to the monitor before shutting off power to the CPU.

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