Control Panels


Univac Tape Controller Panel


According to New Beginnings Antiques, this is a control panel from a Univac tape controller, possibly a T5042, used on the Univac 1106 and 9400 series. The part number on the back of the circuit board is 42312. The front has 9 rotary switches, 45 toggle switches and 114 LEDs!


MAI Basic Four Control Panel


This is from an MAI Basic Four computer, probably a model 1200 from 1976. There is a date on the reverse side of Oct 22, 1973. MAI was one of the early minicomputer manufacturers. The switches read (from L to R) Run, Step, Int, Clock, Reset, then 4, 3, 2, 1, then two indicators Run, Halt, and finally an Off switch. The last picture is a Model 1200 in the Rhode Island Computer Museum.


IBM System 36 Control Panel

This is the control panel from an IBM System 36, Model 5360, circa 1983. You can see pictures of a functioning System 36 at The Corestore. Mike Ross also brought his System 36 to the VCF East 3.0.


IBM 3803 Tape Control Unit CE Panel

This is the CE panel from an IBM 3803 Tape Control Unit, circa 1973. The 3803 was commonly used with the System 370, and could control a string of up to eight 3420 9-track tape drives. A picture of a CE panel in place is here.


IBM 3890 Document Processor Power Control Panel

This is the power control panel from an IBM 3890 Document Processor, circa 1973. The 3890 was commonly used by banks for check processing. More info and pictures can be found in the Wikipedia and The Gallery of Old Iron.


IBM 1602 Emergency Power Off Panel

This is an emergency power off panel from an IBM 1602 Processing Adapter. I've been unable to find any information on this hardware, so please drop me a note if you know something about it.


HP3000/33 Control Panel

HP3000/33 Control Panel

HP3000/33 Panel

Control panel from an HP3000 system, Series 33, circa 1978. The part number on the back is 30070-69008. I spent two years from 1986 - 1988 working for Atlantic Tech Services in MD, doing contract maintenance on HP3000 systems, including series III, 4X, 6X and 7X. More information and pictures of the Series 33 can be found at the HP Computer Museum site.


Honeywell MPC Maintenance Panel


Maintenance Panel

This is one of the mystery devices. From information gathered so far, it appears to be the maintenance panel from a Microprogrammed Peripheral Controller (MPC) from an early 70s Honeywell 6000 series mainframe. The only picture I've found so far is this. The maintenance panel would have been under the red cover, with the illuminated pushbuttons sticking out through the cover. More pictures may be found here. I also found that a panel very similar to this was used as a prop in Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.


Missile Test Computer Panel?

Bombing Panel

Missile Test Computer Panel?

This is another mystery device, a control panel from some sort of missile computer. The manufacturing dates on the display drivers are from 1978 and 1979. A former Air Force weapons guy suggested that it may have been part of a ground test system for air-to-air missiles. More pictures may be found here. Assuming that the 12115 number is a CAGE code (formerly FSCM), the manufacturer is DRS EW & NETWORK SYSTEMS INC of Buffalo, NY.


AN/AQS-13 Dipping Sonar Control Panel


This is a control panel from the AN/AQS-13 dipping sonar, manufactured by Bendix. The AQS-13 was typically deployed on naval helicopters such as the SH-60 and SH-3.


Budd Electronics Radar Channel Indicator Panel

Budd 1
Budd 2
Budd 3
Budd 4
Budd 5
Budd 6
Budd 7
Budd 8

This panel is labeled "Channel Indicator", Part Number 24-247 from Budd Electronics, Inc. It has something to do with Gap Filler radar digitization and storage. The interesting thing about the panel is that it uses 3-lead neon indicators, controlled by transistor switches.


Burroughs Diagnostic Keyboard Panel

Burroughs 1
Burroughs 2
Burroughs 3
Burroughs 4
Burroughs 5
Burroughs 6
Burroughs 7

This is a panel from an unknown piece of Burroughs equipment. The original owner thinks it may have been part of a communications controller. The board contains a Intel 8048AH microcontroller. Date codes on the ICs are from 1982 - 1984. Two part numbers are A/W 3181-2498 Rev B and Diagnostic Keyboard 3181-2720 ASSY.


Univac Disk Subsystem Panel


According to the previous owner, this panel is from a Univac 8480 Disk Control Unit. The 8480 was introduced in 1982 with the Univac 1100/90. The date codes on the ICs are mostly from 1987.


Univac Panel


This is a panel from an unknown Sperry/Univac system. The date codes on the ICs are mostly from the late '70s and early '80s.


Lear Adjustment Box


This module is labeled Adjustment Box, ASSY 105876-01, Series A, Lear Inc. It plugs into a set of 4 miniature tube sockets, and has a single tube inside. The front is divided into 4 columns, labeled YAW, ROLL, PITCH and TRIM, 3 rows labeled on the left DISPL FEEDBACK, RATE and DISPL, and 3 rows on the right labeled YAW TO ROLL CROSSFEED, YAW and PITCH. Any ideas as to what equipment it came from?

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