Old Technology Collection

I'm an amateur collector of old technology, especially computer equipment, getting my start mostly because I hate to throw anything away. Some of the systems are complete, most are functioning, and other items are still a mystery. If you can identify any of the mystery items here, please send me a note.

My interest in computers goes back to my high school days, when I joined Explorer Post 385 in State College, PA in 1969. Our emphasis was computer programming, and we had an account on the IBM 360/67 mainframe at Penn State. We learned FORTRAN IV, PL/1 and IBM 360 Assembler Language from various grad students and area professionals. Those were the punched card days, when you submitted your deck to the dispatcher, then waited around for your output to come back, only to discover a syntax error and repeat the process.

From 1982 - 1986 I was in the Air Force, mostly at McChord AFB as a computer maintenance tech on the Air Defense computer systems. During training, we briefly worked with the  BUIC  (Back Up Interceptor Control), based on the Burroughs D825 system. At McChord, I worked on the AN/FSQ-7  SAGE  (Semi Automatic Ground Environment) system for 8 months right before they turned it off after 25 years of operation. I then moved over to the ROCC and the Hughes  AN/FYQ-93  system.

Since 1994, I've been at  Penn State University, working for  Information Technology Services. I'm back into programming again, as a Senior Research Programmer in the  ITS Services and Solutions group.


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Systems, peripherals, parts and some unidentified hardware.


Storage media including punched cards, tapes, diskettes, and disk packs.

Books and Manuals

Some of my old books and manuals.


Old software.


ASCII Artwork


In the repair queue:


If you have any of the following items for sale, trade or donation, or know of someone who does, please send me a note:

  • Heathkit H8
  • TRS-80 Model 12
  • DEC MS670-CA memory
  • Kaypro Robie
  • Altair 8800
  • Sol 20
  • Sun Ultra 60 with dual 450MHz CPUs
  • Early Sun workstations
  • Blank punched cards
  • An HP-1000 or PDP-8.
  • HP 7906H or 7925H disc drive
  • Anything, hardware or documentation, from the SAGE (AN/FSQ-7) system
  • Any control or maintenance panels from big iron, especially the blinkenlights variety.

I also have the following items available for trade:

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