Tandy 6000 HD

Tandy 6000 HD from 1985

CPU: Z80A @ 4MHz / 68000 @ 8MHz
Floppy Drive: 8" DS
Hard Drive: 15MB internal, 15MB external
Model No.: 26-6022
Serial No.: 700490
OS: TRSDOS, CP/M or Xenix
Ports: 5 serial, parallel printer, external hard drive
Catalog Price: $5499 for the 6000HD, $159.90 for 512KB RAM upgrade, $199 for 3-port serial board and $1295 for the external 15MB drive
Notes: This system was used to run an optometrist's practice, and has both the internal 15MB hard drive and an external 15MB slave. It also has the optional 3-port serial board installed. Neither the internal or external hard drives worked, but a replacement controller board cured that. The keyboard needs to be overhauled - most of the foam pads have disintegrated. I learned Xenix on a machine like this, back in 1985, and co-authored a multiuser BBS for it. I found the original code from 1986, and got it running again on this system.

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Last updated on Tuesday, July 22, 2014