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Eagle IIE, from 1983

CPU: Z80A @ 4MHz
Floppy Drives: Two 5-1/4" single-sided drives, 96tpi
Display: 12" Green (24x80)
Ports: 2 RS-232, parallel printer, hard disk expansion port
Model: IIE-2
Serial No.:
OS: CP/M 2.2
ROM: 4KB, includes built-in diagnostic
Original Price: $1,536

This system had a video problem when I received it, which was resolved by a minor tweak to the horizontal control pot on the video board. The reset button did not work, and it turned out that someone had disconnected it. After I resoldered the leads from the ribbon cable to it, it worked. The system came with a binder with manuals for Spellbinder, Ultracalc and CP/M, as well as diskettes for Spellbinder 2.30 and Ultracalc 2.0. I also have the original paperwork and receipt for it. I recreated the missing CP/M and CBASIC disk from Don Maslin's archive. I converted the Teledisk (TD0) image to IMD with the TD02IMD utility, then used IMD with the data rate translation set for 250kbps ==> 300kbps to write the disk on a 1.2MB HD drive.

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