Osborne Vixen


Osborne Vixen luggable computer from 1984

CPU: Z80A @ 4MHz
RAM: 64Kb
Floppy Drives: 2 half height DSDD
Display: 7" amber CRT
Ports: serial, Centronics parallel, external video
Model: OCC4
OS: CP/M 2.2 Rev 1.01
ROM: version 1.04
Original Price: $1298
Notes: The Osborne Vixen came with a 3 disk set, which included CP/M 2.2, WordStar, SuperCalc 2, MBASIC, Osboard (a drawing program), Turnkey menu system, Media Master diskette exchange utility, and Desolation (video game). This particular system is unusual in that it is missing the front nameplate, as well as the rear panel stickers (model and s/n, and FCC). The main board is dated 1984, but other internal parts have 1986 dates.

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