Sun SPARCstation 20

SS20 1
SS20 2
SS20 3
SS20 4
SS20 5
SS20 6
SS20 7
SS20 8
SS20 9
SS20 10
SS20 11
Sun SPARCstation 20 workstation from 1994

CPU: Dual Ross HyperSPARC (SM151) @ 150MHz, 512MB cache
RAM: 256Mb
Hard Drives: 9GB SCSI SCA (Seagate ST39102LC)
CDROM Drives: 1 internal Sun CD drive
Video: On-board SX (CG14) with 4MB VSIMM
Ports: 2 serial, 1 parallel, AUI ethernet, 10BaseT ethernet, keyboard, onboard video, SCSI, audio (mic in, line in, line out, headphone out)
OS: NetBSD 4.0
ROM: OpenBoot 2.25r
Part Number: 600-3387-02
Serial Number: 451F2269
Notes: I loaded NetBSD-4.0 on this system, which supports SMP via the GENERIC.MP kernel. The system came to me with dual SM61 CPUs (60MHz, 1MB cache) and Openboot 2.19, but I upgraded to the Ross CPUs and OBP 2.25r.

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