DEC VT420-B2

Heathkit H19

Heathkit H19


TI Silent 700


Moore Personal Terminal


HP2645A Terminal


HP2647A Terminal


HP2627A Terminal

Esprit III

Esprit III Terminal


HP9872B Plotter



TVI 950

TVI950 2
TVI950 3
Televideo 950 terminal. Interesting terminal, with extensive video attributes and 15 special graphics characters. Shown is the terminal logged into a Linux system.

Teleterm 1

Teleterm 1132

Teleterm 2
Teleterm Article

Teleterm 1132 printing terminal from Computer Devices, Inc. This was an intermediate step between punch cards and video terminals. It has a built in 300 baud accoustic coupler, 132 column thermal printer and can also connect via serial cable. The controls are for 100/150/300 baud, and Local/Full/Half Duplex. It comes in its own Samsonite suitcase.

The 1132 was announced in 1974, at a price of $3,900.

Sanyo 1

Sanyo SMT-190

Sanyo 2
Sanyo SMT-190 13" color composite monitor.

Zenith1 1

Zenith ZVM-123

Zenith1 2
Zenith ZVM-123 monochrome green composite monitor.

Zenith2 1

Zenith ZVM-121

Zenith2 2
Zenith ZVM-121 monochrome green composite monitor.

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