Tandy Computers

Model I

TRS-80 Model I

Model II

TRS-80 Model II

Model III

TRS-80 Model III

Model 4

TRS-80 Model 4

Model 4P

TRS-80 Model 4P

Model 16B

TRS-80 Model 16B

Model 6000 HD

Tandy 6000 HD

Coco 1

Color Computer 1

Coco 1B

Color Computer 1B

Coco 2

Color Computer 2

Coco 3

Color Computer 3


Pocket Computer 1


Pocket Computer 4

5MB Hard Drive

5MB Primary Drive

5MB primary hard disk system, complete with manuals, software, cables and keys, in its original box.

5MB Hard Drive

5MB Primary Drive

Radio Shack 5Mb Master hard disk. Unfortunately, I've been unable to get this to work, despite help from numerous web sources in replacing the drive with a higher capacity bubble. I suspect the controller may be bad. I removed the key switch (I didn't have the key for it) and replaced it with a rocker switch.


Multi-Pak Interface

Color Computer Multi-Pak Interface, with original box and manual.

TRS-80 Modem I B

TRS-80 Modem I B

TRS-80 Modem I B

TRS-80 Modem I B

TRS-80 Direct Connect Modem I B 300 baud. Original price was $99.95 in the 1984 catalog.

TRS-80 Modem II

TRS-80 Modem II

TRS-80 Modem II

TRS-80 Modem II

TRS-80 Direct Connect Modem II 300 baud auto-answer. Original price was $249.95 in the 1983 catalog.

TRS-80 DC-2212

TRS-80 Modem DC-2212

TRS-80 DC_2212

TRS-80 Modem DC-2212

TRS-80 Direct Connect Modem DC-2212, auto 300/1200 baud. Original price $399 in the 1985 catalog.



Computer Cassette Recorder model CTR-80A, used with my original Model III.

VS100 voice synthesizer for the Model III. Comes with text-to-speech software. Plugs into the expansion bus at the back of the system. The VS100 is based on the Votrax SC-01-A CMOS Phoneme Synthesizer chip.


Books and Manuals

TRS-80 Books and Manuals



TRS-80 Software

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