VCF East 2021 - Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 8 - 10, 2021

HP 3000 Micro XE and MPE-V - Mike Loewen


IBM Midrange Through the Years - Bob Roswell, Ryan Schiff


The World of IBM - Dean Notarnicola, Adam Michlin, Bill Inderrieden, Jason Perkins


The Start Of The Clone Wars: The Compaq Portable 1 - Michael Casadevall


The IBM PC and its Legacy - Ian Primus, Tony Bogan, Connor Krukosky, Jimmy Pettit, Bill Inderrieden, David Gesswein



#FujiNet - Thomas Cherryhomes


Zork on Mac Plus - Charles Lehner


Drakware - Matt Goodrich


Heathkit: Keeping the Legacy Alive - Glenn Roberts


Heathkit H89 and Adventure 1.0 - Alex Bodnar


Jeff's Vintage Electronics - Jeff Gallinat


The Secret - Marcus Mera


Smooth Jazz and Stormy Skies - Jesse, Kelby, Josue, Curt, Mike B., Ethan, Mike M., Ben, Kyle



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