VCF East 8.0 - Saturday and Sunday, May 5/6, 2012

HP 2109E Minicompuer

Mike Loewen



Modified Atari Computers and Game Machines

Ralph Dodd

Interactive Fiction Games

Ethan Dicks

PCs before Apple, Radio Shack, and Commodore

Michael Holley

Handmade Computers

Ben Greenfield

SWTPc, Vectors, Vectrex, Cousins?

Bill Sudbrink

AT&T/Teletype 5620 terminal

Andy Meyer

S-100 Retrospective

Herb Johnson

The Apple-1 Single-Board Computer

Corey Cohen

Apples to Apples

Ian Primus


Michael Kelly

Little Computer People

Justin Jernighan

Fahrfall, An Original Game for the Tandy CoCo 2

John Linville

DEC PDP-15 Real-Time Restoration

Mike Ross

Digital Equipment Corp. Original PDP-8

David Gesswein

The Long Overdue IBM PC Recognition Exhibit

Bill Degnan

Large-Scale PDP-11 Installation

Dave McGuire

What's New For the Old Commodore 64 ?

Jeffrey Brace

Start of the Art 1985

Alex Jacocks

Silicon Graphics 3D Workstations

Brian Cirulnick, Chris Liendo

Pimp My PET

Michael Hill

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