VCF East 2022 - Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 22 - 24, 2022

S-100 Revue - Mike Loewen


Jeff's Vintage Electronics - Jeff Gallinat


TeleVideo - Networked CP/M - Patrick Finnegan


PDP-8 Spacewar and other graphics - David Gesswein


RETRO Innovations - Jim Brain


Nova 1200: Data General's Low Cost Minicomputer - Alexander 'Z' Pierson


Xerox: 50 Years - System Source Museum machine - Robert Roswell, Ryan Burke, Zach Hardesty, museum staff


Compaq Portable - Ryan Burke


A Tale of Two Apples - Dan FitzGerald


Making Tandy work for you - Adam Brisebois, Michael Casadevall


Selectric - Will Donzelli


Weird Macs and Extreme Resurrections - Michael Stroz


Dial 1 for IT - Jason Perkins


Unique and Upgraded Vintage Apple Computers - Steven Matarazzo


Behind the Screens - Jesse Cardone


Commodore 1982 - Ethan Dicks


Fast from the past - Recreating the Amiga 4091 SCSI Host Controller - Stefan Reinauer


Foenix Retro Systems - Michael Weitman (surrogate for Stefany Allaire)


Vintage Handheld Computers - Dave Shevett


Modern TRS-80 Game Development - Pete Cetinski, Alexander Cetinski


Euro-Computer - Thierry Mazzoleni, Jérémy Marsin


Commodore 64 Accessories - Francis Bernier


Game Development, the computer and the console - Thomas Andrews


The European Clone Invasion - Johan Grip


FujiNet - Modern Connectivity for Vintage Computers - Jeff Piepmeier


Pimp Your Amiga - Amiga Bill


Remembering the ENIAC - Brian Stuart


Core Memory Interactive Core64 - Andy Geppert


Speech Synthesis on 8-bit computers - Eric Rangell


Japanese PC Gaming: Late 80s-Early 90s - Lawrence Costella


Commodore Reborn - Stephen Mayo, Elizabeth Mayo


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