Otrona Attaché 8:16

Otrona Attaché 8:16, ca. 1983

CPU: Z80A @ 4MHz
Floppy Drives: 2 double-sided double-density 5-1/4" drives
Display: 5.5" green (24x80), 320x240 graphics
Ports: 2 RS-232, composite video, GPIB
Model: Attache 8:16
Serial No.: 2248
OS: CP/M 2.2.5, MSDOS 2.11
ROM: monitor
Original Price: $3,795

The Otrona Attaché was introduced in 1982, with the 8:16 available in 1983 with an 8086 coprocessor board and 256KB RAM. This model also has the optional GPIB interface. The system will boot CP/M 2.2.5 running on the Z80A, and MSDOS 2.11 on the 8086. In CP/M mode, the coprocessor RAM is available as a 248KB RAMDISK.

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