Apple IIc

Power Brick
Full System
Monitor Side
Monitor Rear
ProDOS 8 v4.02
Apple IIc from 1985

CPU: 65C02 @ 1.02MHz
RAM: 128KB
Floppy Drives: Internal 5-1/4" SS
Model No.: A2S4000
Serial No.: D470KLY
OS: DOS 3.3, PRODOS 8 v4.0.2
ROM: 342-0033
Ports: Serial, printer, mouse, floppy, monitor, composite video, headphone
Original Price: $1295
Notes: This system has the ROM 0 installed, with Unidisk 3.5" support. I later added the 9" monochrome monitor and stand. The monitor only required minor external cleaning, plus some Deoxit on the controls to get a stable picture.

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