The Q7 in Zontar: The Thing from Venus (1966)

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In this B-movie, we see several pieces of equipment from the Q7. In the control room, there are 4 power control panels, 2 large switch panels from the Duplex Maintenance Console (one mounted upside down over the radar scope) and a Manual Drum Tester panel (Main Drums). The Drum Tester panel has had most of its label overlays removed. In pictures 10 and 14, the unit with the reels is the Photographics Recorder Reproducer unit, which records the output from a 7" SD display onto 35mm film, rapidly processes it and projects it onto a 14'x14' screen in the command post. In the home scene, we see another Drum Tester panel, from Aux Drums, with the upper overlay removed and jumper cords plugged into several of the lamp sockets. The last two pictures are from the Display Systems Technical Order.

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