The Q7 in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964-1968)

Voyage 1

Inside the submarine, Seaview, you can see part of the Simplex Maintenance Console in the rear center section of the photo. Thanks to Mike B. of for the photo and permission to use it.

Voyage 2

In the upper left, a SAGE power control panel. Thanks to for this picture and the next.

Voyage 3

Immediately to the right of Admiral Nelson, two panels from the Simplex Maintenance Console.

Voyage 4

Immediately underneath the "computer" display board, there is another of the Q7 power panels, with part of another to its left. This shot is from the credits of 11 Days to Zero, the pilot.

Voyage 4

On the side of the airlock, a Manual Drum Tester panel.

Voyage 5

A closeup of the Manual Drum Tester panel.

Voyage 6

Two power panels.

Voyage 7

A better shot of the two Simplex panels, along with two more power panels.

Voyage 23

And another view.

Voyage 8

Two power panels.

Voyage 9

One of 4 Simplex panels on the set of The Cyborg.

Voyage 10

4 Simplex panels.

Voyage 11

Power panel.

Voyage 12

Another view of two of the Simplex panels.

Voyage 13

A cut down Simplex panel on the bridge.

Voyage 22

Another view.

Voyage 14

From The Deadliest Game, a small Pluggable Unit from the Q7.

Voyage 15

Another shot of the Manual Drum Tester panel.

Voyage 16

Two power control panels in the control room.

Voyage 17

In the missile room, a LRI panel with a weird brass box replacing the knob.

Voyage 18

Voyage 19

Voyage 20

Another shot of the Manual Drum Tester.

Flying Sub 1

On the flying sub, a power panel.

Flying Sub 2

Flying sub, the power panel flanked by two panels from the SMC.

Flying Sub 3

The left hand SMC panel, with another one to its left.

Flying Sub 4

Bottom part of the left hand SMC panel.

Flying Sub 5

Another shot of a SMC panel to the right of the copilot seat.

Voyage 21

From the spaceship in The Silent Saboteurs, these are the same prop panels used in the flying sub.

Voyage 24

Two circuit breaker panels from the frames.

Mechanical Man 1

A close up of the wiring side of a logic frame.

Mechanical Man 2

A larger view of the wiring, from The Mechanical Man.

Mechanical Man 3

A power panel in its original location.

Mechanical Man 4

Another shot of the power panel.

Mechanical Man 5

Outer door open.

Mechanical Man 6

Inner door open.

Mechanical Man 7

Back side of panel.

Mechanical Man 8

Back side of circuit breakers.

Mechanical Man 9

IBM label on the right.

Voyage 25


Voyage 26


Voyage 27


Voyage 28


Voyage 29


Voyage 30


Voyage 31


Voyage 32


Voyage 33


Voyage 34


Voyage 35



The Deadly Dolls
Air Date: October 1, 1967 (NBC)

Deadly Dolls 1
Deadly Dolls 2
Deadly Dolls 3
Deadly Dolls 4
Deadly Dolls 5

The 4th season saw some changes in the interior of the Seaview, notably the addition of a section of the Simplex Maintenance Console in the radio shack. Two Burroughs tape drives are there, as well.

Cave of the Dead
Air Date: October 8, 1967 (NBC)


Journey With Fear
Air Date: October 15, 1967 (NBC)


Time Lock
Air Date: November 15, 1967 (NBC)


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