The Q7 in Sleeper (1973)

Sleeper 1
Sleeper 2
Sleeper 3
Sleeper 4
Sleeper 5
Sleeper 6
Sleeper 7
Sleeper 8
Sleeper 9
Sleeper 10
Sleeper 11
Sleeper 12
Sleeper 13
Sleeper 14
Sleeper 15
Sleeper 16
Sleeper 17
Sleeper 18
Sleeper 19
Sleeper 20
Sleeper 21
Sleeper 22

Quite a lot of Q7 equipment here, including some sections of the consoles in the Command Post (last 3 pictures). The console featured here includes parts of the CP consoles as well as what appears to be indicator sections from the Duplex Maintenance Console. For some B&W photos of the actual CP consoles at McChord, see the SAGE page at SMECC.
Thanks to Glenn Edward for the heads up.

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