The Q7 in Search (1972 - 1973)

Short Circuit 1
Short Circuit 2
This episode of Search (Short Circuit) aired on September 27, 1972. The scenes are run on the Probe Control computer screen, and are taken from one or more episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. In the first still, there are three power control panels in Searview's control room. In the second, there is a GFI panel in the Seaview's missile room. Thanks to Glenn Edward for spotting this.

Let Us Prey 1
Let Us Prey 2
Let Us Prey 3
Let Us Prey 4
Let Us Prey 5
Let Us Prey 6
Let Us Prey 7
This episode of Search (Let Us Prey) aired on January 3, 1973. The control console below the closed circuit TV monitors is a Staff Position console from a SAGE Command Post. The two hooded sections would have each housed a small DD (Digital Display) typotron display. The last picture shows what the actual Command Post looked like. This prop was also used in Sleeper.

The Packagers 1
The Packagers 2
The Packagers 3
The Packagers 4
The Packagers 5
The Packagers 6
The Packagers 7
The Packagers 8
This episode of Search (The Packagers) aired on April 11, 1973. The panels are right off the Fox lot, including the Eico 377 signal generator and the TV screen displaying Lissajous figures. Thanks to Glenn Edward for spotting this one.

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