The Q7 in City Beneath the Sea (1971)

City 1

Part of the Duplex Maintenance Console (DMC) with the TV monitor from the Time Tunnel still installed.

City 2

Another view of the DMC

City 3

On the left, part of the Simplex Maintenance Console (SMC) with some additional power controls on the bottom right.

City 4

On the right wall, various sections of the DMC and SMC. The video consoles in the middle are the Q7 display scopes, painted orange.

City 5

Another view of the control room.

City 6

On the right, Long-range Radar Input (LRI) panels, plus some sort of video add-on in the top section.

City 7
City 8
City 9
City 10
City 11
City 12
City 13
City 14
City 15
City 16

Glenn Edward also points out that some of the same props were used in the unaired pilot.

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