The Q7 in 7 Days (1998-2001)

7Days 1

On the right is a portion of the Simplex Maintenance Console (SMC).

7Days 2

This console consists of sections of the Duplex Maintenance Console (DMC), SMC, and Manual Drum Tester panels.

7Days 3

Part of the DMC.

7Days 4

On the left, part of the DMC.

7Days 5

The right hand side of the SMC, with the Cross-Tell (XTL) panels across the top and Long-range Radar Input (LRI) panels across the bottom. The extreme right side of the unit has been modified, with a power supply control panel from the left hand section of the SMC, and some other panels which I can't identify from this image.

7Days 6

Some sections of the DMC.

7Days 7

On the left, sections of the DMC, with two power panels where the TV monitor from the Time Tunnel used to be.

7Days 8

Another view of the DMC.

7Days 9

Center of the right hand section of the DMC. The panel at the bottom of the center section contained a hinged panel which covered the test memory board.

7Days 10

Close up of the DMC.

7Days 11

Right hand sections of the DMC, out of order. The upper right panel appears to be the Main Drums group, and the upper left panel appears to be the Display Tester controls and indicators. The upper center center appears to contain the Display System neons.


Thanks to Glenn Edward for spotting this one.

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