Dave McGuire's personal pages

While I've had a personal website at www.neurotica.com since mid-1993, I never really updated it very often; most of the stuff here has been quite stale. Every now and then I'd spend a little time on it, but I'm generally too busy doing stuff to spend much time documenting it. So I just ended up deleting most of it.

The two big deals around here these days are the museum and my company.

On October 17th, 2015, the Large Scale Systems Museum, showcasing minicomputers, mainframes, and supercomputers, had its first public opening! Most of the systems at the museum are functional and demonstrable. Contact the museum via its website for more information. I've been working on this project for many years, and have wanted to do something like this for decades, so, to me at least, this is pretty exciting stuff.

My company is McGuire Scientific Services, LLC. I, and occasionally others, provide technical design services including, but not limited, to, electronics and embedded systems. See the website for more information.